footy finals

Footy Finals

Aug 22, 2019 |

For many Melbournians, the fast approaching month of September means but one thing – AFL football finals. The footy finals are the culmination of an unpredictable year, which saw as many shameful off-field incidents as celebrated on-field successes. Coaches have been sacked for their team’s under achievements, players suspended for self-reported gambling quandaries, squeaky clean players racking up three reportable incidents in a month, players deciding to climb goal posts during the game and others having to suffer reprehensible online comments instead of being celebrated for their athleticism. Whether you love or hate the AFL, it’s hard to escape the…

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pork belly

How to Cook Pork Belly

Jun 27, 2019 |

Rich in fat and salt, the humble pork belly fuses the crunch of crispy skin with tender, juicy meat making it one of the most popular meat dishes in restaurants around the world. Here at Di Censo Fine Foods, we stock outdoor bred and ethically farmed Mt Mercer pork, so you can cook your pork belly at home to perfection, using the best produce we have on offer! Pork belly preparation Remove the pork belly from its packaging and pat the meat down to remove any moisture. Using a sharp knife score the skin at 1 cm intervals being careful…

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Christmas blog

The Festive Season and Food

Nov 30, 2018 |

What a lovely time of year this is. The weather is warming up, the days are longer, kids are finishing up school for the year and everyone is starting to wind down a little and relax. Christmas time means lots of different things to different people, but I think a common thread to most people’s holiday/festive season, is family. It’s normally the time people take leave from work to either travel for holidays or stay at home and spend quality time with their loved ones. Whatever this time of year means to you, I’m sure one important feature will be…

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How to choose the perfect steak

Jul 25, 2018 |

We all love a deliciously cooked steak, but not everyone knows how to choose a cut they like and cook it correctly. This blog will outline the various cuts available and how best to cook them. Hopefully, this will encourage those not too sure to confidently purchase and cook a delicious steak. For optimal quality, we only choose to purchase our beef through ethical Victorian farms who have raised their cattle on grass. It is extremely important to us that our produce has been raised to the highest animal husbandry standards and that the beast has been raised grazing as…

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slow cooker

Slow Cookers

May 17, 2018 |

With this cold snap we are experiencing at the moment, I thought it appropriate to have a look at what a slow cooker is and some of the best options out there on the market. A slow cooker (or crock pot as they were once known) is an essential kitchen appliance for the busy, time-poor families of today. Shaped like a large pot with a lid and controls for cooking on the front or side, food is cooked at a low temperature over a extended period of time. This way of cooking, ensures your creation is tender, moist and infused with all…

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Breakfast in Bed

Treat your Mum this Mothers Day

May 1, 2018 |

Mothers Day in Australia is fast approaching and nothing says “I love you” more than cooking Mum a delicious meal. Whether it’s breakfast in bed or a more decadent evening meal, celebrate all the special woman in your life and let your efforts speak of your appreciation for all the meals they have cooked for you over the years! Surprise her with breakfast in bed? Nothing beats delicious outdoor bred, house smoked bacon paired with some truly open range Kiss & Run or Milawa eggs, avocado and seasonal heirloom tomatoes, topped with salt and pepper and a light drizzle of…

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Free range chickens

Organic, Grass-fed, Outdoor Bred and Free Range – What does it all mean?

Mar 15, 2018 |

Food labelling is a hot topic in Australia. As consumers we are bombarded with images of cows freely grazing on grass, chickens foraging in the great outdoors and pigs happily playing in the mud. These are the images marketers want us to see and relate to the products they are representing. In contrast to these images which appeal to our emotions and make us “feel” good about buying them for our family, the reality can be quite the opposite. So how are we, as time poor consumers, really expected to understand the food labelling process here in Australia and be…

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Slow Food Movement Logo

The Slow Food Movement

Feb 6, 2018 |

The Slow Food Movement has its roots in Rome, Italy where in 1986, Carlo Petrini led a protest against the opening of a McDonald’s restaurant in Piazza di Spagna. This demonstration was made up of many people like Petrini, who were in opposition to the “fast food” juggernaut that appeared to be taking over the food landscape in Europe. Slow Food was created as an alternative to fast food. According to Slow Food  its goal is to “prevent the disappearance of local food cultures and traditions, counteract the rise of fast life and combat people’s dwindling interest in the food…

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Celebrate Australia Day with Lamb!

Jan 23, 2018 |

With Australia Day fast approaching and the weather hotting up into the mid to high 30’s, I thought a few ideas for easy food to feed the family or a group of hungry friends might be just what the butcher ordered!! Australia Day is traditionally celebrated with lamb, so let’s have a look at a few options for both finger food for the stand up party goers as well as some recipes requiring the use of a fork! Finger Food Lamb sausage rolls with harissa yogurt Lamb, capsicum and onion skewers Beer-barbecued lamb ribs Sausage and onion jam rolls Lamb…

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Pork Crackling

Cracking the perfect crackling!

Dec 19, 2017 |

For those of you who love your roast pork, achieving the crispiest, most mouth-watering crackling can be a bit illusive. Do not fear! Follow my easy steps and you’ll have a cracking crackling for Christmas this year! Dry the rind – THE most important thing to remember is to get as much of the moisture out of the pork rind as possible. The dryer your rind is, the better your crackling will be. Once you’ve removed your pork from it’s packaging, pat it dry with some paper towel. Another trick to getting the rind super dry is to dry it…

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